If you are facing some kind of technical snag regarding your fridge, then you can call the experts of Sama Technical Services Company and can get your refrigerator repaired in Abu Dhabi in no time. They even offer a home delivery service of Fridge Repair Abu Dhabi if you want your appliances repaired at the premises of your hotel, home, restaurants or anywhere. All you need to do is Contact Us directly through Shop Phone: 0504872548 or Mobile Phone: 0553741707, and we will send their technicians to your place.

fridge repair abu dhabi

Contacting the Abu Dhabi Based Appliance Repairman Directly With Sama Technical Services

Our Appliance repairman uses only the best parts for repairing the fridge in order to provide you with excellent services. In order to bring the device back to its working condition in no time at all, they use tools and types of equipment like a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers etc, for tightening and unscrewing all the parts of the fridge. The professional team even offers services like a tune-up and battery reconditioning in order to bring your appliances back to new condition.

These professionals are experienced and skilled enough to help you with your refrigeration problems. They offer home-delivery services in order to meet your entire requirements at one go. If you want the team of Fridge repair Abu Dhabi to come to your rescue at any time of the day or night in order to help you with your fridge, air conditioner or any other electrical appliance-related problems, then you need to give them a call at least 30 minutes before your appliance breaks down. Even if your refrigerator is not under repair yet, you can Call Us or them to provide an update about the status of the repair and whether or not the appliance will be ready in time for the next day’s work.

Our Abu Dhabi Technician teams always have the solution to all kinds of minor issues with your Fridge and Refrigerator Repair.

We are offering our Fridge Repair Service in the Following Areas of Abu Dhabi

fridge Repair Mussafah

fridge repair Reem Island

fridge repair Al Raha Beach

fridge repair Khalifa City

fridge repair Al Shahama

fridge repair Al Bateen

fridge repair Raha Garden

fridge repair Al Rahbah

fridge repair Sas Al Nakhl Island

fridge repair Al Falahi

fridge repair Al Bahya

fridge repair Yas Island

fridge repair Bawabat Al Sharq

fridge repair Al Maqtaa

fridge repair Al Samha

fridge repair Zayed Sports City

fridge repair Al Khubeirah

fridge repair Tourist Club

fridge repair Markaziyah

fridge repair Karamah

fridge repair Rowdah

fridge repair Madinat Zayed

fridge repair Al Nahyan

fridge repair Hadabat

fridge repair Al Zaafaran

fridge repair Al Zahra

fridge repair Mushrif

fridge repair Khalidiyah

fridge repair Raha Beach

fridge repair Reef Gardens


Frozen Door – This is a pervasive problem that is mainly caused by the frozen door moving out of position or by the door insulation coming loose. Both way, it results in the door not closing correctly, and it causes you to buy lots of cold food, or at least not eat as much food that you would normally be able to.

Fridge Storage Problems – One of the most common fridge storage problems is that the food comes out too fast. This makes it impossible for you to eat all the food you put in at once.

Bad Foil seals – If you find that the door is sticking or there is leakage in the door, this can often be caused by the foil becoming damaged over time.

Clogged Cans – Another one of the more common fridge problems, especially with older style cans, involves the kids getting stuck on the can.

Leaky Fridge Doors – another of the most common fridge problems, occurs when the door seals but the seal isn’t tight enough. As long as you don’t put any weight on the door, it should go back in place. One common cause of this is when the door is either too large for your fridge or the door is cracked. Another common reason is when the door is badly aligned. This causes the can to spill out and also means it is leaking air.

In that cases just Contact Us directly through Shop Phone: 0504872548 or Mobile Phone: 0553741707 and solve any issues you are facing with your fridge.

fridge repair abu dhabi
fridge repair abu dhabi

Get The Services Of a Reputed Refrigerator Repair Service in Abu Dhabi From Sama Technical Services

Once your appliance breaks down, you should get in touch with the right Appliance repair specialist at the earliest in order to fix the problem. You should never take matters into your own hands; instead, trust the expertise of Fridge repair professionals in Abu Dhabi. At Sama Technical Services, provide free home delivery service to their residential or commercial customers.

We are well equipped with qualified technicians and experienced personnel who offer a free consultation for a specific period of time. Once you are satisfied with their services, we will dismantle your appliance and fix the malfunctioning parts by an appliance repairman. We also offer a guarantee on the appliances that they repair. If these guarantee schemes are not available, then we will be affordable charges without adding any extra cost.

Our Fridge repair Abu Dhabi specialists from Sama Technical Services offer a wide range of services, including installation, cooling, maintenance, replacement and new parts. You can even get help from us if you are unsure how to go about the process. We help you with technical support at the most reasonable prices.

If you want a refrigerator that performs better and lasts longer, then you should try to get professional services from Sama Technical Services for Fridge repair in Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose Sama Technical Services For Fridge repair Abu Dhabi

  • We have skilled technicians for refrigerator or freezer’s repair in Abu Dhabi
  • We offer a guarantee on the parts and labor charges
  • Save unnecessary expenses and a lot of time
  • Offers quality and excellent services at affordable prices
  • We do repair all kinds of fridge or freezer brands and models
  • Our experts have substantial knowledge about refrigeration appliances as well as experienced
  • Offer free delivery and maintenance to their clients
  • Offer doorstep service in no time
fridge repair abu dhabi

We provide quick service in all areas in Abu Dhabi

Abu Al Habl Island

Al Bateen

Al Danah

Al Falah

Al Hisn

Al Jubail Island

Al Kasir

Al Khalidiyah

Al Kheeran

Al Lulu Island

Al Manhal

Al Maryah Island

Al Matar

Al Muntazah

Al Mushrif

Al Muzoun

Al Nahyan

Al Qurm

Al Rahah

Al Ras Al Akhdar

Al Rawdah

Al Reef

Al Reem East Island

Al Reem Island

Al Sa’adah

Al Saadiyat Island

Al Sammaliyyah Island

Al Shamkhah

Al Shawamekh

Al Zahiyah

Bani Yas

Bilrimaid Island

Fahid Island

Hadbat Al Za’faranah

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